Monday, September 6, 2010

Samantha Rachel Simphiwe

Finally, Simmi has a name. Finally, she is a South African citizen. Finally, she has an identity.

Simmi's adoption was finalized on 12 May 2010, and we were presented with the final documentation on 23 August 2010. She is now named Samantha Rachel Simphiwe - however I have yet to recieve her new birth certificate as the Department of Home Affairs has been on strike since 24 August 2010!

Her names all have meanings that are special to us, and tell the story of her coming to live with us.

1. Samantha - this name was chosen by Daddy. It means "God heard". I love it because I prayed fervently for a baby girl and God heard my prayers.

2. Rachel - this name was chosen by Mommy. It means "beautiful". It's significance is found in the story of of Jacob working, praying and waiting for 14 years for his Rachel. I waited a long time for Simmi.

3. Simphiwe - this name was chosen by her birth mother. It means "God gave her to us". We kept the name because of its significant meaning, and because it's part of her history.

Even though she has such a long list of names, we still call her Simmi. She is treasured, she is loved, and she is ours!

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The Sassi Wench said...

Congratulations! Nice update, Blog looks great.