Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Assignment: The Last 3 People I E-mailed & Why

Because I am such a bad blogger I have decided to take some hints from my favourite blogger mamakatslosinit. The photo of my cat Misty has nothing to do with anything - she's just cute.

Person 1: My Favourite Cousin Catherine in the USA
Just like my blogging record, my e-mailing record is pretty tardy. I go through stages where I inundate the poor woman with mails, and then there's a drought. At the moment we are experiencing drought phase, and I sent her a quick mail to tell her that I'm still alive here in sunny South Africa and that even though I haven't mailed her, I am thinking of her.

Person (or not) 2: My ex-Husband Shaun
Oh dear, this is a tricky one. I mailed my ex to tell him of all the wonderful efforts my husband David & I are making in raising his children while he lives the high life, including our trying to raise funds to send HIS daughter to USA for a leadership conference she was invited to and to which he has contributed absolutely sweet NOTHING! Well success was mine because this morning I got a call saying that his wife would cover the next USD300 installment which is due at the end of September. Well, Praise the Lord! is all I can say. This is the first time that he and his wife have EVER done anything like this. Maybe I've been misjudging her for the past 9 years.....

Person 3: The Manager of a Computer Shop

SCREEEEEEECH! I just deleted half my post by accident and now I have to do it over.

As I was saying...

Person 3: The Manager of a Computer Shop
To try to convince him to sponsor a prize for a raffle our school is running to raise funds for Sherae's trip. I went to see him in person yesterday, and he was decidedly unimpressed by my plea, and was actually quite sarcastic and obnoxious. All the others I've approached have been so friendly and willing to help that his attitude was quite a shock as by the time I got to him I was floating on the rosy cloud of success. I found myself tangling up my words and feeling flustered, so I decided to mail him my proposal as a back-up to my poor performance. No response from him yet - surprise, surprise. But perhaps I have misjudged him too.... I can only hope.

Now in case he gets jealous, or feels left out, here is a picture of my other cat, James. Also nothing at all to do with my blog, but he's also so cute sleeping with his teddy bear. Oh boy, I really do need to have another baby don't I?!?